The Bug

Well, the stomach bug finally weasled its way into our house over the weekend.  Youngest son came down with it, and spent most of Sunday either in the bathroom or in his bed.  My boys very rarely  get sick; we've been very fortunate.  It's nice that the boys are older and don't need me as much when they're sick, but, then again, it's sad that they are older and don't need me when they get sick.

When Oldest Son was in 7th or 8th grade, he came down with some kind of stomach bug.  I picked him up from school, tucked him in bed, and made sure he had a phone, drink, and trash can (complete with trash bag...just in case).  The last time he had been sick, he was 4 years old and had strep.  As I started to walk out of his room, he said (in a very pitiful voice):  Mom?  Am I going to die?  God love him!  I assured him he just had a virus, and would live. 

Middle Son is a whole different story.  He is hardly ever sick, but when he gets sick, he gets sick.  We had a couple of scares with him, but those stories will have to wait.

Youngest Son comes down with strep at least once a year (it seems like), but that's pretty much it. I'm surprised he is the only one who of us who has been sick. (Knocking very hard on wood!)  Working in a school, I see everything that comes through.  The office was hopping with the bug yesterday.  They even had to take the couch out and replace it with plastic chairs.  (Probably more information than anyone wanted to know!)  I was warned to stay out of the office as much as possible.  (Don't have to tell me twice!)   Can't wait to see what today will bring at my other school.

A different bug:  When I turned on my computer this morning, gmail informed me that I had to change my password:  it had detected some "suspicious activity" with my account.  Great.  Just what I need.  Hopefully they caught it and everything will be okay.

Apparently Jake from "The Bachelor" made a poor choice last night.  I checked Facebook, and almost every post had an opinion on his choice!  I had gotten sucked in with reality shows, but now limit them to "The Amazing Race" and "Survivor".  Okay, okay.  I admit, I watch "The Kardashians" every now and then, and cheer "Ruby" on from time to time.  And, on some Sundays, I get caught up with all of "The Housewives".  It's nice to know that I am actually a grown-up and conduct myself in that manner!

Have a Terrific Tuesday!


  1. It seems like every blog I read is mentioning the stomach flu...hoping it gives us a miss and your son is feeling better.

    The car is going in to the shop today for the estimate. I'm mostly dreading the new insurance rates though.

    Oh-love the background : )

  2. oh no! i hope everyone is doing better soon!

    you're right, though. it give you a chance to catch up on important tv time. ;)


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