It's finally here...the first day of Spring!  I was finally able to ride in the car with the windows rolled down!  I also decided it was time to put a little "Spring" on my blog!

Yesterday I met a friend at her condo and we walked to lunch at The Tomato Head.  This was my first time eating there at this location.  It's downtown (or as we used to call  it:  "Cowtown") with tables sitting out front.  I was going to take a picture, but didn't want anybody to think I was a stinkin' tourist, or a local who has never seen tables outside on the sidewalk before.   Even though I could eat meat yesterday, I stuck with the plan and had a Cheese Melt, which was delicious, by the way.  It's probably a good thing I didn't look to see what the dessert specials were, because you tell me if you could've passed these up:
The “Guten Nacht Gorilla” Special Dessert: Whole Bananas Spiraled with Cinnamon and Brown Sugar and Wrapped in Pizza Dough – Topped with Vanilla Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream
Cupcake of the Day: Strawberry Tiramisu
Vegan Cupcake of the Day: Red Velvet
Cobbler: Blackberry/Blueberry/Raspberry with a Scoop of Vanilla Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream

I didn't think so!  We took the long way to get there (my friend forgot exactly which street it was on!) and the short way back.  This friend is my "football" friend:  Ever since we moved back, she is who I sit with at high school football games.  Her son is MS' age and she has a daughter who is a year younger.  I call her daughter my "surrogate daughter".  I absolutely love her, and if I had a daughter, that is what I would hope mine would be like.  She (the daughter) has come to away games with my husband and I a couple of times.  She's a great kid, and my friend is doing a wonderful job being a single parent. (And, no, she's not reading this!)  On the way back, we saw these signs of Spring:
And this when I got home:
Okay, you gardeners out there, tell me if these are weeds:
I know they look like clover, but they're actually really little and dainty.  And these:
I know that they're all weeds, but they really are pretty...too pretty to pull right now.  And there are so many of them!  My plan is to spray weed killer on them and save my back.  I really, really thought about pulling them, but I did get in there and rake the leaves and dead weeds out, so it actually looks like a nice weed garden instead of a crazy, messy one!

Husband and YS went camping last night.  They put 2 of the motorcycles on the trailer, and drove up to the mountains to camp. Husband's thought is that there are fields so he can let YS get more comfortable on the bike.  He has high hopes that YS will want to ride and they can take long rides together.  OS rode some and MS has no interest whatsoever.  And, I think I've mentioned how I feel about it.  YS wanted a picture and suggested I put it on my blog, so here it is:

Since it was just myself & MS, he decided he wanted to take advantage of being able to eat meat on a Friday during Lent, and wanted to go to Burger King.  They do have the best french fries, y'all!  As we're heading over to BK, he gets a phone call and is talking to a friend.  Then I hear, "I'm heading to Burger King with my mom.  We're on a Burger King Date!"  MS is my son who has never had a problem with coming up to me in front of his friends, and grabbing me and hugging me and telling me he loves me.  He is forever my Snuggle Bunny!

In other news:  MS has made his college decision.  Looks like he will be donning Big Orange in the fall.  This is really crazy, but even though the school is only 15 minutes away, I'm really nervous about him going there.  It's just so big, and that, to me, is scary.  I guess it's just the unknown for me:  I didn't go there because it was too close to home; I was ready to get away and be my own person.  I told him that he needed to meet people from other places and not run around with people from this county or that he ran around with in high school.  I don't want it to be an extension of high school;  I want him to meet people from other backgrounds, and I want him to be ambitious enough to want to get away from this small town, even if it's only for a short time during his life.  He needs to see what else is out there.  If he lives on campus, I don't want him coming home every weekend; he needs to develop relationships with people who aren't from here.  But, he wants to be there for this:
and even this:
I can't say I blame him, because if he goes to the school I went to, this is all he'll get:
Now I'm sure everybody is wondering how many pictures I can get in one post!  Hope everybody has a nice Saturday!  I'm going to leave you with a link up to Then Sings My Soul Saturday (TSMSS) with Amy over at Signs, Miracles, and Wonders.  This is one of my favorites; another one that I've played over and over and over!


  1. Well ya lost me at the gorilla dessert! Don't even tell me where this place is : ) Your son is cute-there's definitely a family resemblance.

    It is gorgeous here today and we're headed out for the day with the dog...going over to Highpoint which is beautiful and the highest point in NJ. I would love to think this weather will last but I we'll just have to wait and see.

    Are the dogwoods blooming yet? Can't wait to get to the mtns there in a couple of weeks! Happy Spring!

  2. The dogwoods aren't blooming yet...Not to worry...there will be pictures when they start!

  3. Oh, I am so jealous! Snow on the ground. Wind. Cold. I'm glad someone is getting spring! Yes, sending the kids off to college is always a bit...well, exciting, unnerving, downright scary! I'm sure MS will be just fine. My hunch is that he has been raised well!

  4. In Christ Alone is one of my favorite songs. I sing it often at church. I sing with the Praise and Worship group at First United the 9:00 service...then at 10...get in my car and drive to Waverly, AL...where I am the preacher's wife (and featured soloist...most weeks.). The words to that song are awesome. Loved the blooming pics...I am all about Spring...and flip flops. Go Big Orange..even though I am a War Eagle friends Chuck and Sue live near the campus....their kids went to Kings College in North Eastern TN. Bristol area I think.

  5. Great song selection! I also enjoyed 'visiting' your blog... and 'strawberry tiramisu', I didn't know they made it, but I'm in!



  6. My daffodils are up too! So exciting! I'm sure your son will find lots of new friends while he's wearing Big Orange. It is a big place but you can find a small niche for yourself there. And who wouldn't want to watch Big Orange football with 102,000 of your closest friends?!

  7. That dessert list sure got my attention - as it too often does. Enjoyed the photos - all of them!

  8. Such a pretty song ~ Your weeds look like flowers to me. I had to go out to my favorite garden shop, where I bought some pansies. Blessings ~

  9. I laughed when you said you rolled down your windows in your car. I did that today and it was TOO hot. :0
    Love that spring is getting to other parts of the country though.
    Your Son is a cutie and they both sound like keepers.
    we are on the college hunt as well. My oldest is a junior and says she wants to go far away. I am trying to NOT take this personally.


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