Yesterday in pictures

Don't you just love when relatives send you a surprise in the mail?  Today we got this from relatives in Denmark:
YS was very happy:
They also sent us a Royal Copenhagen Egg:
I just love how it was boxed to look like it's in a nest.

I had my birthday dinner at a new place in town:
When we walked in, it looked like a 50's Diner (notice it says "50's Diner" on the sign!) and the lights made it feel very calming and relaxing.
Here is my husband and me:
And MS & YS:
How 'bout MS' impersonation of a walrus?  The only thing that was missing was OS, but we got to spend the day with him on Sat.  He came in and went to MS' soccer tournament with us.  My husband tried to pass off our lunch at Olive Garden as my birthday dinner, but I was having none of that!  Especially since it wasn't my birthday yet!
And, here is a picture of one of the posters in one of the booths:
'Nuff said!
Have a Terrific Tuesday!


  1. Surprises in the mail! Wonderful. And happy birthday, by the way!

  2. Surprises in the mail are always wonderful...and these look really stupendous. That egg is magnificent! Lucky you! Not sure what the snack mix is but judging by the big smile it must be yummy.

  3. Happy birthday to you...I agree, lunch is not going to pass for a birthday dinner!!!
    Glad you had a nice day.
    Love that copenhagen egg...such a delight!

  4. Happy Birthday, Mary! I've always wanted to eat at a diner...well, a diner that has really good food, of course! :-)
    Looks like you had a wonderful time with your DH and sons!
    And getting surprises in the mail is always fun! Especially edible ones! :-)
    The egg is beautiful!


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