It Was a Lie!

Remember in my last post when I said my Saturday was going to be filled with laundry and cleaning?  Okay, I lied.  My husband insisted that we take a ride up  to the mountains.  He begged, he pleaded until I finally said I would go.  (Y'all better get your boots on, 'cause it's getting really deep here!)    It was just us:  Middle Son was going to meet friends, and Youngest Son wanted to work on a project.  (He's our "good" son.)  My husband said that I should name the post "If the Snow Won't Come to Me...".

 The ride up the mountain.  The trees were beautiful with snow on their branches.

                             The view was beautiful at the top!    

Top:  Frozen Waterfall.  Bottom:  If you look closely, you can see someone going behind the frozen waterfall.


I  love rocks in the river with snow on them!

 The temperature was 50 when we started out.  When we got to the top it was 35.  We had Sirius on the '70's  station...we were rockin' our way up the mountain!

Sidenote:  I think I just got my first "spam comment" this morning.   Please let me know how y'all handle those.  The comment appeared to be from a website, not a person.  The comment said "good", and that was all.  If this comment was from a "real" person, please accept my apologies.  With the virus that's going around on FB, I'm trying to be very careful!


  1. So beautiful! I miss my Smokies! Even with all the snow we have had up here, none of it has been as picturesque as this. Love it! Happy Sunday!

  2. Wonderful post - wonderful hubby! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. If you can't go up the mountain on a Sunday, I guess the library was the next best thing. Have a wonderfully blessed week!

  3. Hi Mary! Love the pictures and what a way to spend a beautiful Sunday! Going on the hunt of snow! :-) Sounds like something I would love to do....hike that is...not hunt for snow as we still have plenty, though the sun is making quick work of melting it! Hope you have a blessed week!


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