Bus Duty: UGH!

So, here's how yesterday played out:

Those 2 dreaded words every educator hates to hear:  BUS DUTY.  Of course, I was late; I got to the school just as the 1st bus was rolling up.  And, of course, the principal's car was already there.  Luckily I have an outside door to my room (a total luxury in my field), so all I had to do was unlock the door and throw my stuff just inside, then go back out, just like I had been there the whole time!

Oh, I forgot to mention that when I left the house, there was a whole lot of "ZZZZZZ's" in the house.  all 3 boys  + my husband.  Middle and Youngest Sons are on their 1st week of Spring Break.  That is not a typo:  I did say 1st Week.  The school system they attend is on a "modified year-round" schedule.  That means 2 weeks of Fall Break, 3 weeks of Christmas Break, 2 weeks of Spring Break, and, about 7 weeks of Summer Break. It seems like every time we turn around, they're getting a break.  "What about me" you ask?  I get the normal 1 week of Fall & Spring Breaks, 2 weeks of Christmas, and around 7 weeks of Summer Break.  They are going back to school after summer the same time the teachers go back in my school system.  If I'm lucky I'll have a couple of days to myself.  I know, I know...I shouldn't say I'm lucky.  In a few years I'll be a lonely empty nester and will want those days back.  Youngest Son has had a great time taunting me with me not only having to work this week, but having bus duty 3 days.    Kids can be so cruel. Youngest Son is not my favorite.

Bus Duty:  Getting to school at 6:45 and watching the little darlin's until the bell rings at 7:30.  We rotate between "stations":  the bus outside (which means dealing with the middle schoolers who think they are still in Kindergarten and like to run from wall to wall), the cafeteria, and the gym (where the kids go after eating b'fast and before the bell rings).  I try to avoid being in the gym during the last rotation:  you have the most amount of kids at that time.  Well, since I was late this morning and started outside, guess where I was for the last rotation?  Man, those kids can be really loud that early in the morning!  I had to send 2 kids to the office because one kid went over to another one and a shoving match started, almost causing one kid to tumble off of the bleachers.  Okay, the bleachers are only 4 risers high, but I could see that one kid falling and hitting his head on the bleachers.  Didn't feel like dealing with blood yesterday morning, so off they went.  The secretary said they left as best friends! 

My intern is on her spring break this week, so I'm having to do all the work myself.  (Poor, poor me!)  While we were playing a game, one of my kids said, "Dameit".  I asked him what he said, and he told me that he didn't mean to say it, it was an accident.  I asked him again what he said (to make sure I hadn't heard what I thought I had), and he repeated "Dameit".  I said, "You mean 'dang it'?"  "Yeah", he said.  I'm still wondering if that's really what he  meant to say!  Mr. Principal said that one kid was giving him trouble, and he told the boy to stop acting like a horse's butt.  (you have to imagine this  with a heavy East Tn. accent)  He said as the kid was getting on the bus, he informed Mr. Principal that he wasn't going to be a horse's butt on the bus.Welcome to my world.  Kids are really fun to play work with,especially the younger ones.  I know my parents heaved a humongous sigh of relief when I finally decided on my profession!
Only 5 more mornings of bus duty this year!  I think I can make it!


  1. I think you can survive if you keep your sense of humor! And thanks for adding me to your blog list...I am honored :-)

  2. Ha! I'm surprised he didn't fall out laughing at "horse's butt" - my son would have thought that was pretty hilarious.

  3. Keep thinkin' "Summer". I would guess it's about the time of year when all the "sweet little darlings" don't seem quite so sweet.
    BTW, if I was you I'd call home and WAKE THEM ALL UP!! (I have a naughty streak!)

  4. Bless your heart. You can make it with your sense of humor. They would have to commit me...hehehe. Then again some would probably say I need commited anyways. lol

    until next time... nel


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