Funny Day

Yesterday was one of those days when everything was funny.  Ever have one of those days?  It started out with a boy in Kindergarten:  he said "a tree suck me".  What?  My intern & I just looked at each other.  Then, it hit her:  "Oh, it stuck you?" Then, a little later, I was in the hall and the secretary came out of the office and said my name.  She said, "I'm calling you."  Uh, okay, great!  Apparently the nurse told her that I wanted her to call me.  I have no idea where she got that idea!  So, we both walk into the Nurse's office and just stand there  for a couple  of seconds.  Nurse looks up with this bewildered face and says to me (without anyone else saying anything):  "Oh, it wasn't you, was it?"  Uh, no, and I have no idea what you're talking about.  Secretary decides it was the guidance counselor she was suppose to call.  I talked to the GC later, and she laughed and said it wasn't her. Then there was the 4 year old who repeated my intern when she said, "excellent", only it came out as sounding like:  e-he-ent.  And, Intern said "excellent" a lot yesterday!  Seems like there was one kid in each of my groups who just made us laugh.  I love days like that.

Tuesday my husband's work had "Chip & Dip" day.  It is company policy that they don't have "dress down" days unless it's for a special day; one that has to be approved.  They get really creative with their "special days".  Anyway, Tues. was bring your favorite Chip & Dip day.  My husband took Tostitos and a very special spinach dip.  Here's the secret recipe:

I put it in a ziploc container and threw some bacon bits on top.  When my husband got to work, he put it in the microwave, mixed up the bacon bits, and there you have it!  He said that it was the favorite!  Yesterday he said that people were asking him for the recipe, but he didn't give it up!

Okay, y'all:  It's "Little Friday" (as a friend puts it!)!  Looking forward to the weekend!


  1. mmmm - adding bacon bits... that's a good idea. Sounds yummy - & its way to early to get hungry! Love he wouldnt give the recipe.. haha!!

  2. Chip and Dip day? Wow, that is my kind of
    office : )

    I'm going to try your 'recipe'...thanks for sharing.


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