Pie and Random Dozen

Look at what greeted me when I got to school yesterday:

My friend didn't let me down!  It was absolutely fabulous.  Here's the recipe:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie
1 unbaked 9-inch (4-cup volume) deep-dish pie shell*
2 large eggs
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup packed brown sugar
3/4 cup (1 1/2 sticks) butter, softened
1 cup (6 ounces) semi-sweet chocolate morsels
1 cup chopped pecans
Serve with ice cream (optional)
  • Preheat oven 325 degrees F.
  • Beat eggs in large mixer bowl on high until foamy.
  • Beat in flour, granulated sugar and brown sugar. Beat in butter.
  • Stir in morsels and nuts and spoon into pie shell.
  • Bake for 55-60 minutes. Cool on wire rack. Serve warm.
Recipe from Nestle Classic Recipes, 2003
* If using frozen pie shell, use deep dish style and thaw completely. Bake on baking sheet and increase baking time slightly.

I spent last night at a fundraiser for the high school band.  If you have one of these delis in your town and are looking for a fundraiser, I would  highly recommend it!  We just had the kids delivering orders, cleaning tables, and greeting and we get 10% of the profits.  I'm anxious to hear how we did.   Here's where we had it:

The only bad thing was that MS had a soccer game, and he made his first goal...ever!  He came so close last year; there was even a game where the other team made a goal for him!  I hate that I missed it!  When I told him I was sorry that I missed it, he said, "there will be more to come"!  One thing that MS is not lacking is self-confidence!

It's Wednesday, so it's time for another Random Dozen!  Since Lid is taking some time to stay with a friend, southlakesmom at I Didn't Know That! is subbing.  She came up with some great questions!  Here they are:


1.  What is your favorite sign of Spring?
2.  Did you remember to spring forward on March 14?  If not, how did it impact your day?
     Yep, I did good this year!
3.  If soil, time, talent and climate were no problem, what vegetable would you plant in a garden this year?
4.  If soil, time, talent and climate were no problem, what fruit would you plant?
5.  What is your least favorite insect?
     Mosquito...they're nasty little suckers!  :D
6.  March 22 was World Water Day. To celebrate, here are some water questions. Do you drink bottled water? If so, what brand?
     I bought everybody in the family a Nalgene water bottle.  I buy bottled water just to have on hand;  whatever is the cheapest.  And, we do recycle the bottles!
7.  Have you ever been somewhere that it was not safe to drink the local water? If so, how did you handle that?
      Nope.  I don't get out much!
8.  How many glasses of water do you drink per day?
     I try to drink 2 Nalgene bottles/day, which would be 64 ounces.
9.  March 24 is the birthday of Harry Houdini.  Have you ever watched a professional magic show? Share.
    Nope, again, I don't get out much!
10.  Have you ever been a participant in a professional magic show (up on stage!)?
     No (see #9 & 7!)
11. March 24 is also the birthday of Steve McQueen and Clyde Barrow. Do you like Westerns or gangster movies?  If so, what is your favorite?
     Neither.  I'm more into comedies/romance/mysteries.
12. (Really random)  What U.S. state that you've never visited would you like to visit someday?
     Alaska.  My husband rode his motorcycle from Tn. to the Arctic Circle a couple of years ago.  The pictures were absolutely beautiful.


  1. I love being the first commentor on a post! And WOW! the picture of the pie gave me a sugar rush! And I am with you on #12. My hubbie lived there as an army brat and his stories are fantastic. I wanna go there! Have a great day!

  2. Let me just say--yum!! And what a great fundraiser idea. I'm passing that one on! And I am soooo with you on Alaska. Think we could organize a blogger trip?! :)

  3. We definitely want to see Alaska too...it looks beautiful.

    Thanks for the pie recipe. Not that I need it but I'm sure I'll make it anyway : ) Maybe over Easter when I have family around and won't feel like I need to eat the whole thing myself!

  4. I'd love to see Alaska too. My grandparents visited there almost every summer. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

  5. The pie looks yummy! I might make it for my volunteers at church so I can have a little piece.

    Oh, too bad you missed seeing the goal! I love his confidence that more will be made. That's a great attitude.

    Love those Nalgene water bottles around here too!

    Have you seen Silverado? Check out my Random Dozen. It has romance and comedy. It's really about the witty lines that has made it one of our fave movies. If you haven't seen it, give it a try sometime and let me know what you think.

    Alaska was my choice too! Wow, would love to hear more about your husband's trek. (and see some of the pics!) Sounds very interesting!

    Have a great week!

  6. I loved your answered and thanks for the pie recipe looks yummy

  7. Man, whoever made that pie is like THE COOLEST! :)

  8. i'm w/ya on the movies...but, i did have a chuck connors crush when i was a kid, lol!
    that pie looks sinful...gotta make one :)

  9. Wow, what a trip your husband took!
    Alaska is on my wish list too :-) I'd love to ride the train across the state that has the observatory car (glass bubble ceiling) and then take a cruise. Bliss!

  10. And now I know what I would like for dessert on Easter! That pie looks amazing.

  11. Thanks for stopping by today Mary! It's Ok, I don't get out much either! Ha! I totally forgot about mosquitoes or better yet I should have said chiggars! I've had some nasty run-ins with them! I'm with you on Alaska! My parents went on an Alaskan cruise and took all of thier grand-daughters and unfortunately not their daughters! Have a great week!

  12. My totally unsolicited advice. "Get out more!!"

    I know my husband would love to go to Alaska, I had some friend who just did a cruise to Alaska and they said it was awesome.

    I am such a movie hound that I got so excited abut thinking about all the westerns I enjoy that I did not even read on the the next part about gangster movies....


  13. So the next time I make this now famous and much desired pie, I am going to play around with it...

    I want to try it with a mixture of chocolate and peanut butter chips (my FAV combo of flavors!)... and also, our fav PE teacher suggested Heath chips... Around Xmas (or when my GS cookies run out and I need a Thin Mint fix) I may try it with some mint chips...

    I love to find a good recipe and them tweak it!


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