Grumpy Post

Sunday, there was a post on Sweet Tea  about how everybody was so happy in their blogs.  So, in honor of her, I'm giving you my first "Grumpy Post". This is for you, Sweet Tea!  :)

Here goes my "grumpy post" for the year month week:  I'm tired.  I'm tired of being tired.  I'm tired of not feeling that great sometimes.  I'm tired of my clothes getting tighter.  I'm tired of seeing a zit here or there popping up on all parts of my body where I've never seen them before. ( I mean, come on, there should be some kind of rule about having gray hair and zits at the same time.)  I'm tired of my house being messy, but not having the time spending my time on the computer just looking at the mess. I'm tired of coming home on Wed. to see the recycle bin hasn't been taken to the curb because I didn't remind YS that it was Wed.  I'm tired of coming home on Wed. when the bins have been taken out, only to find a few cans/bottles have been dropped on the way to the sanitation truck.  I'm tired of people not taking pride in their work, even if they are sanitation workers who pick up recyclables. 

And, since we're on the subject of people and their work:  I'm tired of  teachers who have no business being in education.  I'm tired of parents who don't take responsibility for their children's actions and who blame the teachers or the school system for their lack of parenting skills.  I'm tired of people having babies and keeping them (instead of giving them to loving couples who are unable to have children), when they can't even take care of themselves.  I'm tired of kids with smart mouths who know you can't do a thing to them, no matter what they say to you.  I'm tired of the bureaucracy in school systems, where teachers who shouldn't be teachers are allowed to continue to teach because of tenure or because of who they are/who they know.

I'm tired of rude people, when they don't put on their blinker when I'm waiting for them to go by so I can turn, or not saying "Excuse me."  I think being polite is becoming a lost art.  I'm  tired of people who will say hi to you one minute, then the next time they see you will act like they've never laid eyes on you before.  I'm tired of people thinking they can do it all, when they can't, and don't have a clue as to how to do even one thing the right way.  I'm tired of people who stick their noses into other people's business  (I do try really hard not to fall into that category...but I am human.)...constantly, especially if it causes major problems for other people.

WHEW!  I didn't think this post was going to be quite so long, but, man, it feels good!  I think my sister, Jeffy, would be proud of me!  Of course, one reason I may be so grumpy is that I just started cutting out sugar and eating the way I should.  (Gotta get this weight off!)

Alright, I know you wanna do it...what are you grumpy about?  Don't be shy: just  this once, let it all  hang out!


  1. Great job, it really does help, doesn't it?

    I'm tired of obnoxious kids that are bored, or delinquent or whatever writing bomb threats on the school's walls that square the heck out of people, or worse, don't. I had two kids at that school today. Get your kicks a different way.

  2. I could just copy your post. If I think, though, I'm sure I could add a few things. It is the end of the school year, though, and I don't have time to think. And I'm not sure when the paperwork is going to get done!

  3. AMEN SISTER! I could not have said it any better...or any grumpier. I loved every single one...and feel every one of them myself. Hummmm....did I right this and not remember? I could have.

  4. Right on! I agree with everything that you said!!! From the trash that doesn't get picked up to those teachers who have no business being in education to the people who can't take care of themselves, much less babies. I almost did an "I Hate Everything" post the other day...I was going to vent, too, but I chickened out! I think I'll change my mind and give it a whirl on my next grumpy day...LOL

  5. I love all your tired stuff...especially, the teachers, kids, rude people, tight clothes, etc....
    You should move, because my recyclingtruck people are the best...yes, I might just have a crush on my sanitation workers. :)

  6. This is a great post, Mary and I have felt all of this and more. That said, I am tired of people (not you of course) who constantly complain out loud about ridiculous things, like the weather or TV programs or traffic etc. I am tired of people who don't roll with the punches.

  7. I'm applauding you.
    Everyone can identify with a "grumpy" post cause they respect the fact that it's "real" Real people WILL have real problems from time to time and to just pretend "it doesn't happen to me" does a great disservice to everyone else. Happy, smart, law-abiding, God-fearing people with wonderful families have issues just like everyone else. Real women are transparent and talk not about PERFECT days, but also show us their warts (zits. LOL, extra poundage, and kids that "screw up". Now that's real life. Way to go, GF!!!

  8. feels good to vent sometimes, eh?

    Currently, I am tired of a daughter who cannot say one nice word to me. Don't call it "being a teenager" because I won't give her that out. It's called "being SoccerChick," and it's rude.

    I'm also tired of Mother's Day, which brings along obligations that cannot be fulfilled by some children because they don't feel all lovey towards their own mothers. Yeah, I'll probably be blogging about that.

    Anyhoo, I hope you feel better now that you've gotten this stuff off your chest.

    Go eat an apple, with a bit of peanut butter on it, and smile knowing that you're doing a good thing for yourself!

  9. BRAVO!!!!! I knew I liked you for a reason!!!

  10. I'm grumpy about people who are manipulative, evasive, and dismissive. Well, ok, one person in specific.


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