How Many Memes Can You Get in One Post?

(Yes, I'm one of "those" people who hate to be left out of anything!)

Wow!  I can't believe it's that time already!  Time to link up with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story with your Friday's Fave 5 for this week.

1.  Middle Son (MS) before the soccer game on Tues. night (He's #16).  These 2 injured players are both seniors and have been good friends to MS this year.

  2.  This is a sure sign of summer!  I don't care how old you are, there is still a sense of excitement when we see the public pool being filled up:

A newly discovered blog:  The Daily Dribbles.  Here's a down-to-earth girl who doesn't seem to take herself too seriously!

4.  MS' high school soccer team playing in the District Championship.  They lost a hard fought game 2-1, but will probably get another chance at this team next Thursday.  Maybe third time will be a charm.

5.  My ticker saying next week is the last week of school!  Man, this year has flown by, but I say: "Adios"! 

Since the theme of this week ties in to #2, I decided to give it a whirl!  (So many memes, so little time!)  Linda at Mocha With Linda is the host.
Here's the prompt:

How old were you when you got your first (paying) job? Did you work during the school year? What stipulations, if any, did your parents put on spending, saving, etc.? What types of jobs did you have before you were, oh, 21 or 22? Did you go to college or a technical/trade school? If so, did you work while you were pursuing your post-high school education? What were your favorite -- and least favorite, if you wish to share! -- jobs? What did you learn from those early jobs?

I had a couple of babysitting jobs, but  I don't remember if that was before or during my summer jobs at the pool as a basket attendant.  (See #2:  That's the pool I worked at.)  My parents didn't allow us to work during the year:  going to school and getting good grades were our jobs.  Anyway, I worked at the pool the summers between my sophomore/junior year and junior/senior year.  Before my junior year, I worked to buy my first pair of contacts.  (They were so much more expensive back then than they are now!) You know the ones:  They felt like you were putting a little piece of glass in your eye!   I kept that same pair for years.

After I went to college, I didn't have a job until my senior year:  I was an R.A. for the dorm that year.  That was pretty much my employment history until I got married.  The pool job was fun:  I got to hang out with friends and it wasn't too taxing on my energy!  Plus, I got into the pool for free.  Being an R.A. was pretty cool, too.  Didn't have to do a whole lot, just be on duty in case something happened, make sure the doors were locked at a certain time, and make sure  no one was sneaking their boyfriends in their rooms after visiting hours.   I really didn't care for the babysitting stuff, to be perfectly honest!  What did I learn from any of those jobs?  I guess it would be to be responsible, show up on time, and do what you say you're going to do.

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  1. are so funny. I never worked at a pool. I always did retail. I worked at Burdines..and never during school....until college. I helped pay my way to junior college so I worked. I paid all of university. I babysat....we had a group of girls....prebabysitters club....we kept the kids for the Braves and Expos families when they were in West Palm for spring was way cool! We ALWAYS got tickets and cash.

  2. I think my hubs has some fun memories from that same pool : ) We took our girls there when they were little and we were visiting grandparents.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks for participating!

    Ah, yes, hard contacts! And if it slipped off to the side - ouch!!

  4. So many links for one morning. :)
    Working at a pool in the summer would be such a great job! I still find it funny to see pools open and close...growing up in Florida, they never close!!!
    I am just getting used to soft contacts...I can't imagine HARD ones.

  5. The picture of your son and his team mates is a precious picture. There's got to be a good story behind that. Good luck to him in the next match up.

    I spent many a wonderful summer day at the pool growing up as did my kids. Our outdoor pool won't be filling up for another month at least.

  6. I never worked at a pool, just the ice arena, but I have had people show up in swimsuits asking where they can swim or where they go for swimming lessons... haha

    Actually, I'm working at a pool tomorror for the first time, (Not really but the pool is having a grand opening and I wanted some extra hours, since both are run by the City I took the one morning job of directing traffic into the pool parking lot.) I have no sense of direction, so to the people getting directed by me I just have to say, Good luck!

  7. =D I hear you on seeing the public pool being filled up. It's so fun! Summer is indeed a'comin'!

    Have an awesome weekend!

  8. I loved watching my boys play soccer back in high school. Good times. We've been enjoying some summer like weather and it's a good feeling. Hope you have a great weekend and that you beat that team next Thursday!!

  9. Well this is GREAT! I get to kill 2 birds with one stone! The POOL filling up has ALWAYS been my favorite sign of summer! OH YEA!!! When MY kids were small, we were at the pool from 1:00 - 6:00 every. single. day! It didn't open until 1:00 - or we'd have been there earlier! (and I always looked forward to school getting out for summer too! - I mean as a mom!)

    I think your summer job at the pool was a PERFECT teen job! I always figured my kids WOULD work at the pool when they got old enough - but by then we had a new water park in the county, and THAT was where they all had THEIR first jobs! But for some people, the water park WAS their pool! But membership was WAY high! Not like these days where you can get a summer pass to Six Flags for $45! LOL!

  10. Great faves this week! I'm with you on being 'done' with school this year :) Good luck to your MS's soccer team!

  11. Your blog is beautiful! We are your newest follower. Come follow us and check out our Welcome Wednesday!

    Jaime & Kristin
    Take It From Me:

  12. Its true, the community pool opening up always makes me happy, even if I never use it anymore. It just reminds us of good times gone by. . .

  13. Love that picture of your son!!!! So touching!

  14. I’m your latest Friday-follower--No. 61! Please follow back.

    My latest postings are, “Simple Gesture,” “Smiles,” “Spring,” “A Feast,” “Love Lifts,” “Wake Up to Serve” and “Soul-itude.”

  15. Good job of multi-meme blogging! :)

  16. team mates have a spledind freindship we know that as my son plays sports as well

  17. here from FF
    Take a minute an check my blog out if you haven't already.
    I have lots of great giveaways going on.
    Thanks :)

  18. I can't imagine hard contacts. I had enough trouble with soft-contacts! When I was in school I wasn't allowed to work on school nights, but I did work on weekends. That kept gas in my motorcycle.

  19. I cracked up when I saw how many memes you were trying to cover with this one post! Hey why not? It's only 58 degrees here today and rainy as well so I'm not thinking about swimming pools! ~ Have a terrific weekend Mary!

  20. I worked at a pool too. I'm curious, do you have the same desire for your kids not to work during the school year? I do, but people seem to think it's very strange. Still, my first two kids to have grown to that point got excellent grades in school and had the time to be very involved, and that's what I wanted for them. There's a very, very long time in their lives to work. How much time do you really get to play Water Polo and be in school plays and jazz bands and such?

  21. Talk about killing two or three birds with one stone, you go girl. Never waste a blog post I alway say.

    The hubs and I walk at our local park and we have to go right by our community pool. It is alway fun to walk past and see all the splashing and activity. I especial love watching the swimming lessons and the competitions.

    Have a great weekend!


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