Last FFF for May

It's the last  FFF for May!  Thanks to Susanne for hosting!  It's a great way to do a weekly wrap-up of  favorite things that happened during the week.

1.  The sun coming through the stain-glass windows at the start of daily mass:
2.  Flowers:  this is the first year I've gone "all hog" with trying to make my back porch "inviting"!

I decided on a blooming ground cover with 2 different kinds of perennials mixed in for that space between the house and sidewalk.  I don't do annuals.
The porch is looking good; all I need now is a table and some chairs!  I told husband the other day that I'd like to have a swing under some of the shade (see picture in's just to the right of it), and he implied that I should go get it myself, and I think he meant with my own money!  However, after seeing a couple of suspicious looking holes over there (snake holes, maybe?), I'm going to rethink that!

3.  Hummingbird bushes and a son to dig the holes for you!(Thank you, YS!)

4.  Hummingbird feeder:  Out and ready to go!  Now all I need is some hummingbirds!
5.  Not cooking dinner last night.  Youngest son made Creamy Chicken Enchiladas again.  They were excellent!  He had me do the prep for him, and, I must say, he's getting kinda bossy with it!  He's also getting to be somewhat of a blog hog, too.  He asked I was going to blog about him fixing dinner!  15 year olds...watcha gonna do with 'em?

To link up with your favorite five for the week, visit Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.


  1. Tell YS he needs to type the recipe for posting!

    The holes may be chipmunks. Yesterday we received a cheesecake from NY for my daughter's bd. The UPS guy left it on our porch. I arrived home just in time, I think, because the packaging was ripped up and there were gnaw marks on the styrofoam!

    So if you like your cheesecake, and you want a garden swing, the snakes might solve the chipmunk problem. Ha ha

    And, your garden looks inviting, so you did well! Have a great weekend!

  2. Your garden looks great. And those stained glass windows! I just kept going back to look at the picture. Is it one picture in different frames? Or totally separate themes? It makes me think of St. Francis'"Canticle of the Sun."

  3. Your yard is looking amazing. I am jealous of even the thought of having hummingbirds. I love them.
    I love chicken enchiladas...and I don't mind bossy peeps either. :)
    My girls love when I blog about them...teenagers are blog hogs!!!
    Have a great weekend,

  4. I LOVE beautiful stained glass in church...

  5. I love stained glass windows with sunlight. Thanks for sharing them with me today.

  6. Very nice. I love what you're doing.

    I'd assume hubby meant go pick it out and use his credit card. ;)

    YS sure is a keeper, blog hog or not.

  7. Daily Mass is awesome! Beautiful picture. WTG on the weight loss!

  8. I'm with SouthLakesMom
    ...chipmunks. They love my geraniums! Little stinkers. (They're so cute to watch though.)

    Love that your son asked if you were going to blog about him. My kids love when I include pictures of them in my Project 365. My 8 year old even has my blog in her favorites so she can see herself whenever she's on the computer. Cracks me up.

    Have a wonderful holiday! Thanks for stopping by. BTW, your blog background makes me hungry for frozen treats...cute.

  9. Yum-Well, if blogging about his cooking encourages him, keep it up!!

    Good luck with the hummingbirds. If it's any consolation, we've only seen one, for a short time.


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