Thank You Very Much: Maiden Voyage


Oh, happy day!  I've been looking forward to this since I found this blog!  Actually, I think I found it the day after my "Grumpy Post".  Oh, and I get to use sarcasm...a lot of it!  Feeling like you need to be a bit of a smart aleck today or get some things off of your chest?  Grab the icon, and go link up at The Daily Dribbles!
Here goes my maiden voyage of "Thank you very much!"

1.  To the high schooler who chose to steal the "Soccer Tonight" sign out of the yard while we were at the field for Senior Night as well as the high school band concert:  I would've loved to have had that sign in the yard for Monday's & Tuesday's games.  'Preciate it.

2.  To the little turkeys at one of my schools who continue to give a teacher friend who is very pregnant (and very hormonal) problems:  You guys are the best.  You're making her stress levels perfect for  maintaining her health and the baby's health during this very important time.

3.   To Mr. Bus Driver Man for the opposing soccer team Tuesday night:  Thank you for taking up at least 7 spaces by parking your bus in the parking lot, where it's not suppose to be parked.  Taking up parking spaces won't decrease the number of fans we have at the game.  Nice try.

4. To the dead lizard I found under my desk on Tuesday:  Thank you for picking that spot as your final resting place.  It was such a joy to come in and see you laying there.  (I didn't think to take a picture until I got a 4th grade boy to throw it in the trash can for me!)

And last, but not least:
5.  To the Reading Teacher at one of my schools:  Thank you for sending out the e-mail about left over food in the library.  And, double thank you for bringing that left over food to our meeting that afternoon.  You are the devil.  But you did not win.

Here we go:  Hop over to KMama's and link up with your Thank You's!  You may want to spend a little time over there and check out her blog:  She's a HOOT!


  1. :)

    Hope next week you have nothing to post about. There's always someone willing to accommodate though, isn't there?

  2. Now THIS is a different meme, indeed, Mary! LOL AND a pretty clever one, at that! Loved your "sarcasms", especially the one about the poor dead lizard! Too funny!

  3. Kids do go crazy the last weeks of school don't they? Look at the bright side, you only have 8 more days until you get a vacation!

    It's almost over (at least for the summer) I love your button!

  4. Dead lizard=ewwww! I don't even care for them live : )

  5. Gotta love the end of the school year! Always good for a laugh--or stress. Or both. Good luck in getting thru the next few days!

  6. sarcasm is my middle name!
    thanks for the follow - following back -


  7. Oh my gosh...I love this. Snarky and funny? Perfect. Do you feel better?

  8. Good stuff! But that LIZARD!!! argh!!

  9. Dead lizards?!? Well that's not something you see every day.

  10. Are we sure that's 'just' a lizard? Gulp! It looks huge!

    Cute post. ;)

  11. Love this - it's one way to look on the bright side ;)

  12. Re: #2-- Thanks man! I showed them! Now they have subs all next week! Ms. G ordered flowers and had the kids give me-- and they all signed a card. Can't say I was "sad"...

    (BTW, while I am typing this-- I got an IM on FB from our favorite meteorologist! --Knew you'd be jealous!)

  13. I'm so glad you linked up!! Thank you!

    That lizard is so gross. That was huge, or does it just look like it in the picture? Either way, I'm shuddering. ;-)


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