Please Send Prayers

This little baby needs your prayers:

She has been diagnosed with ganglioneuroblastoma.  She is 16 months old.  I have a hint of what the family is going through:  We My husband took MS to a pediatric oncologist when he was 6  because one of his tonsils had been enlarged (or so we thought) for months.  Husband is a lot stronger emotionally than I am.  There was no way that I could've taken him in there and seen the babies who have cancer.  I would have cried the whole time.  We were extremely fortunate that it turned out to be an "inverted" tonsil instead of something else.  That was scare #2 with MS.
Please go by Michelle's site and leave her a word of encouragement.  I've never met her, or visited her blog until yesterday, but she needs to know that she's not alone.    And that there are prayers going her way.


  1. She will definitely be in my prayers. I'll add her to the prayer list at our motherhouse as well.

  2. Very scary. Beyond comprehension, isn't it? I pray everything turns out all right.

  3. Sending prayers up for the little one.

  4. Just wanted to say thanks for following my blog!

    If I could have any one wish, it would be to wipe out all children's cancer. I remember when my son was 3, recovering from Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. I walked with the nurse down the hall one day, passing room after room..."That little girl had leukemia," she said about one..."this one has brain cancer," and so on and so on. Heartbreaking.

    On a happier note, (on your previous post) I LOVE Cheddar's! And Olive Garden is where my children took me on Mother's Day!

  5. You can add me to the list of those praying.


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