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Once again, it's time for "Thank You Very Much", when everyone gets a free therapy day compliments of  Kmama at The Daily Dribbles.  If you still haven't visited her, do it now...well, after you read my post!  And then get ready to be entertained and laugh.

-  To my schnauzer:  Thank you very much for upsetting some mama robins by chasing around a baby bird.  Was it the same baby I almost stepped on a couple of days ago?  Hmmmmm...it's highly suspicious that there would be 2 baby birds out of their nests too early in one week.

-To the TSSAA:   How can our boys ever repay you for pairing them up with the team they beat 3 times in one game during the state soccer tournament last year?  "Blind draw"....my butt!  (Yes, I did want to say another word there...but I held back!) 

-To Middle  Son:  Serving you is my life.  I loved driving back home to get your charger (after you were 5 minutes late getting to school to leave for the state soccer tournament) only to have a phone call from  you asking me to get your wallet out of the car, too.  I only asked you 3 times (at least) if you had it before you left.  Liar, liar, pants on fire.  Need I say more?

-To Walmart:  Oh, how I love going into WallyWorld with all of the Walmartians when I don't have to!  If only you had had the shepherd's crook like I had just seen at Lowes, but didn't get because I just knew you would have one and it would be cheaper.

Head on over to Kmama's to link up.  Or, if you have a perfect life and have nothing to complain about, just go visit and read her posts.  I'm tellin' ya...you won't be  disappointed!


  1. LOL....those were priceless. I think I have actually had some of those feelings or thoughts myself. Thanks for starting my day out with laughter. Today is our last day of students. I am hanging on....hoping to survive. All my seniors passed...so at least my class is not the reason a senior doesn't graduate. Whew. Yep...I sit up at night and think of ways to fail the kids. (At least that is what they think...right before they ask me how come I talk in Spanish.....in a Spanish class?) Here is your sign!

  2. Wait... Why did you ask him 3 times about his wallet if he said he had it? Clearly you didn't believe him the first two times, how many times would you have to ask before you *did* believe him?

    I used to have Mom show me her car keys after we got out of the car, before I would close my door. (This was when I was in high school, I think. She probably got exasperated, but she never complained, she'd just show me her keys...)

  3. I am cracking up at "walmartians". That is great!!!

    Sounds like your middle son owes you. ;-)

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. These are great. I love how you serve your son...one day, they will remember this. ONE DAY.
    I may have to join in on this soon...it would be nice to get it all off my chest!!!

  5. My terrier seems to have devloped a liking for chasing the birds lately. And I avoid WallyWorld as much as I can. Take care..maybe next week will be better.

  6. HAHA! WallyWorld is what we call Wal-Mart too, but Walmartians is new to me! Love it! ;)

  7. Aren't children the best?!! I hate to think how many times I went after a french horn that was forgotten! argh!

  8. Mary - really, you've got to loosen up and tell us what you think, no holding back. LOL I loved this. You Rock!!

  9. Sorry about the soccer matching--that does stink.

    MS owes you. :)

  10. Walmartians.... hahahahaha! That's a good one!

  11. Oh Walmart - why do you never have what we non-Walmartians need when we need it? I feel your pain.

    Thanks for checking out my space(s) today!


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