It's Gonna Get Crazy

This week is going to be absolutely C-R-A-Z-Y.  District Soccer Play begins tonight:  It's do or die time:  If they lose from here on out, they're done.    They shouldn't have too much of a problem tonight:  they beat the other team by 8 goals the first time they met.  Tomorrow may be a little iffy:  If they play the team I think they will, it may be close.  MS' team only won by 1 goal during the regular season.  If they win tomorrow, I think they'll play again on Thursday for the district championship.  And, if it plays out the way we hope it does, they will be playing either the team that beat them by 2 goals 2 weeks ago, or the team that beat them by 1 last week (those 2 teams tied during their regular season game).

On top of all the soccer going on, I'll be finishing up meetings this week, winding down the school year.  (Only 1 more Monday!)   I'll have one more meeting next week:  The last week of school!

And, to top that off, MS graduates on Friday.  That means a few out of town guests, a house that needs to be cleaned, weeds that need to be killed, a cake, fruit tray, and veggie tray that need to be ordered, and figuring out what else we're going to eat after the ceremony.  I.will.not.get.stressed.  My mom asked if there was anything she could do.  Sure, about letting us borrow your yard so that the dogs won't be in anybody's way?  Unfortunately, we don't have a fenced in yard so the girls can't be out without supervision.  That's where my parents' yard comes in very convenient!

I hope everybody had a wonderful Mother's Day!  I woke up to this on the kitchen table:
I was also given this card:
Just in case you can't read what it says, here's a close-up:

Yes, I was laughing when I read it!  MS must've taken a lot of time looking for "that special card"! He said that it was stuck in with the Mother's Day cards, and didn't realize it said "Birthday" until he was home.  He keeps us laughing, for sure!  He redeemed himself with this:
WHAT?  I'm on a what?  I know, I know, but sssshhhhh, don't tell MS that I've cut out sugar!  I did have one...just one, mind you!  Surely if I just have one a day, it won't hurt, will it?  I mean, it's not like there are a bunch in the bag; there can't be more than 10 in there.

I spent a little time down at my mom & dad's house in the afternoon.  My sister, Jeffy, her husband, and my brother (the guitar player)  were there while I was there.  (I've gotta tell y'all something about Jeffy:  she rides a Harley:  not a girlie sportster, either.  I got educated on such things while I was visiting with them this afternoon.)  That's one of the neat things about living in my hometown:  getting to see my parents and siblings without having to think about a 4 hour drive, or getting home at a decent hour to get the boys in bed because they have school the next day. 

Anyway, back to me:  we were going to go to dinner at a new place in town that just opened up last week.
 We tried to go there on Friday night, but were told there was a 90-140 minute wait.  When we pulled in the parking lot, it looked as full as it did Friday, so we went to Chili's instead.  We only had about a 15 minute wait.  As we were leaving, it was getting pretty packed.  We're really getting uptown now: Here's what opens up today:
It's going to be about a month before we get into eat at that restaurant; betcha! 

If my postings aren't as frequent this week (especially at the end of the week), don't lose any sleep over it:  I'll just be really busy!

Hope everybody has a spectacular week!


  1. We have an Olive Garden now, too--just 30 minutes away! Champagne and bruschetta--! My kind of "meal!"

    I love the peonies, chocolate and card! That boy needs a big hug!!

    Happy next to the last Monday! Same for me! ya-hoooooo!!

  2. Sounds like a nice Mother's Day! Hope you have a great week!

  3. Our Cheddars has been open for YEARS & its still always having a line come out of the door!!! They have such good prices for such a varity of food...

    What beautiful flowers!!! That card is FUNNNY... at least it was caught before you opened it... hmmm, it would've been fun to see if you even noticed it said "Birthday" :)

    Graduation time... so busy!! Hang in there!

  4. Good luck with the soccer games this week!!!!!

    And, try to relax and enjoy the graduation. Soak in the moment. The details will work themselves out.

  5. Olive Garden... bleah. (I'm spoiled, I guess, with all the real Italian restaurants in the Boston area...)

  6. It does sound HECTIC! Good luck with everything. I hope you can find some time to stop and enjoy the moments.

    Congrats to MS. Big days ahead.

  7. Hey, Mary! I remember the sports so well, back when our son was in baseball and basketball. :-) It can be exciting but always kind of nice when it is all over for awhile.
    Looks like you had a good mother's day. We always get our daughter-in-law truffles for special occasions and yesterday was no exception.
    Praying you have a great week finishing up school and savoring and enjoying your son's graduation!

  8. You are going to be as busy as a bee!!!
    Lots of good stuff though...and a graduation!!!! Yippee!!!
    Glad you had a nice mother's day.
    Take care, Suz

  9. I've got you beat (except I didn't take a picture). Josiah wanted a funny card and couldn't find one in the MD section so he bought a Happy Birthday, Dad one and scribbled that out and wrote in Mother's Day. And yes, it made me laugh!

  10. I didn't realize everyone else was at Mom and Dad's when I called...I heard you come in or rather I heard Dad greet you!
    I just love that boy!! (He made me laugh too!)
    Take deep breaths this will be over before you know it.

  11. Chedddar's is great we have a new one by our house too. You might want to wait and go when it's not so new. The wait won't be as long. ~ OK I need for you to stay off sugar! I need a partner in crime. I've been doing good for 4 days now! No slip ups. Get back on the wagon girl! OK so maybe one a day won't kill ya, but if you're like me one a day will turn to two and then three and then. . . .


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