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I have no idea what happened to Tuesday Unwrapped.  It just disappeared from the blogosphere.    Emily at Chatting at the Sky is MIA.  So, I've decided to go it alone today.

Edit:  It's back!  Just checked & Tuesdays Unwrapped is back online!

I went to Daily Mass yesterday...at the parish where I grew up, which is not the parish I attend.  I drive to the big city to attend Mass on Sundays.  In the 6 years since I've been home, there have been 4 sets of priests in the parish where I grew up.  One, I absolutely loved...he's now a Bishop  in another state.  The next set were a couple of older priests who were in their second career.  I liked them.  Then, out of the blue, they were both reassigned.  In comes 2 more priests.  One, I'm convinced has "autistic-like" characteristics; the other is from another country, and, while I'm sure he has good messages, he's very hard to understand, so those great messages get lost because  you're trying to concentrate so hard to understand what he is saying that 1) the message gets lost, and 2) the messages are just so long that with trying to understand what he is saying, you lose interest.  I've asked for God's help during those homilies, but maybe I'm just not disciplined enough to do it. 

Yesterday the priest with the "autistic-like" characteristics celebrated the Mass.  The first time I went to a Mass where he presided, I thought, "Hmmm.  Okay, being a priest and celebrating a Mass is perfect for someone with autism.  The Mass is very routine; during one season, the only thing that changes from week to week is the Homily."  However, if that priest is required to actually interact with people, then there's a problem.  That parish is a pretty good size:  Interacting with the parishioners is a must.   This priest doesn't even stand outside after the Mass to greet his parishioners.

It occurred to me during Mass that, if he really does have autism, he is a major rule follower and can't stand for those rules to not be followed.  Also, he doesn't understand what is socially appropriate to say, and doesn't get it when he chastises from the altar.  This priest has done things such as chastise a family whose 3 or 4 year old blurted out what Father had just said (I think it was something like, "Peace be with you").  I wasn't there for that Mass, but some people I know said that everybody thought it was cute that he was imitating the priest.  I wonder if that family ever came back following the verbal chastisement they received during the Mass.  Another time, he talked about what to wear to Mass.  I do believe that girls shouldn't come in with short shorts or skirts, or with blouses that are off the shoulder.  However, does God really care that you're there in jeans and tennis shoes?  I think God is just thankful that you came to His house to worship.  (Okay, okay, I just happened to have on jeans and tennis shoes that time...I honestly don't do that very often, but we were going to the mountains as a family and I was trying to save time by not having to change clothes!)

Yesterday was  the first time since these priests have been at that parish, I didn't leave Mass angry.  (This is the "little thing" that I am most grateful for and the whole reason for my post!)  I don't mean for this post to be a "priest bashing", but rather a revelation that I stumbled upon yesterday during Daily Mass.

I have met both priests during church functions.  The priest that is from another country is charming, and has a wonderful personality.  I was shocked when the other priest actually looked me in the eyes. I"m not saying I'm ready to go back to that parish on a regular  basis,  but yesterday was a start.  I know God will lead me where He wants me to be.

On a different subject (I have no idea how to segue into this!):  Our county is really getting "uptown", y'all!  We have a new Center for the Performing Arts, and it is N-I-C-E.    Last night there was a free piano recital by a man who has performed all  over the world, including Carnegie Hall.  He was unbelievable.  I can't get over how he was able to play all of those waltzes without looking at any music.  Every seat in the place was taken;  they even put some chairs on the stage to accommodate everybody.Tonight is the Air Force Band:  Hot Brass Band Concert.  It looks to be a good one!  The best part:  this concert is free, too.  You did have to get tickets ahead of time, and it's sold out.  Really looking forward to that!  Small town girl is gettin' some culture!

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Not sure what happened to the first comment, but anyway...

    I really relate to your church struggle. Good luck with it. I know it's hard.

    Congrats on the art center. Very fun!

  2. I love Brass Bands, the big band sounds, have fun tonight.

  3. When I was a young mom at a really big church there were some kids in the balcony who had many body parts studded and visible. I said to my mom afterwards, "I can't believe they came dressed like to church." Mom said, "at least they came." Sigh. Moms always know best, don't they?

    I wonder who the piano player was? We had a concert here at a local church several years ago by a man named Sam Rothman. He's a Christian who grew up very conservative Jewish. He plays Beethoven. When someone asked why he doesn't play Christian music he said, "I play Beethoven. People in Japan, Russia, Paris, and Milan will invite me to play Beethoven. They would not invite me to play Christian music. But at every concert, I share my testimony." ZING!

    Enjoy the AF Brass! My son's trumpet teacher is a member of the AF Ceremonial Brass that plays at Arlington Cemetery (and other more lively locations). They're world-class musicians and the competition to get those spots is very intense!

    Sounds like you're already enjoying being out of school! We still have another 3 weeks!

  4. I just checked out the website for the new performing arts center. Looks very nice! Mom & Dad haven't told me about this. Next time we are in town, I'd love to check it out.

  5. I hate it when priests are moved, especially when you come to think of them as family. We, too, have a priest who has a heavy accent that's hard to understand. Our 2nd oldest priest has just been called to work at the Vatican. He was great while he lasted...

    Good for you for keeping an open mind.

  6. congrats on the performing arts center-that's wonderful! sounds like a summer full of concerts! enjoy!
    and wishing you the best in finding a church home where you feel comfortable, where you feel you can learn. my mom used to tell me, you can worship anywhere, and what better place than outside? :)


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