Look at my ticker right above this post.  Do you realize what it says?  THIS IS THE LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!  This year has flown by, but I'm ready to get some R&R for a few weeks!

I do have to clarify something that I put in my previous post:  MS pointed out that his class had actually lost 4 games; I forgot that when they were freshman they lost to a team in the nearby Big City.  (I thought that happened the year before.)  I did get the undefeated part right, though!

Here are a couple of interesting items in the news in my area this past week:
1)  A black bear was seen Thursday morning on the campus of a high school in the school system where I work.  Seems the bear went up into a tree on an adjacent property, and the wildlife officer deemed it harmless because it went up and had a snack.  Plus, it wasn't on school property, so it wasn't a threat to the students.  Thursday afternoon (after Sheriff's deputies watched it all day) she climbed down and then climbed into another tree.  They apparently decided to leave her after school, hoping she'd go back into the woods when it got cooler.  Guess she went on her way:  there wasn't anything in the paper about her as a follow-up.

2)  In Sunday's paper, there was an article about a man getting bit by a bear because he got too close to it while trying to take a picture of it.  The paper reported that he got within inches of her.  SeriouslyAre you kidding me?  This guy gets the idiot of the week year award.  I have to tell ya, when we go up to the mountains, go around "Loop Road" and see a bear, everybody has stopped, and some idiots people go traipsing across the field with their cameras to get a picture of it.   People:  When you go to the mountains and you see a bear, watch from a distance.  They are not pets.    They. Are. Wild. Animals.  Wild, not tame: not there for you to walk up to, not in a cage, not at the zoo, and definitely not at a petting zoo. 

3) The big city near my small town apparently compiles an annual list of 15 buildings for an endangered historic preservation list.  On the "Fragile 15" (No, I'm going to go through all of them...just a couple that sparked my interest!):
  a)  A building on the university campus:  The owner (an architect)  designed it for a childhood friend, who was the heir to Coca Cola.  The building was willed to the university with the stipulation that it was not to be sold or subdivided, and has to be used for certain purposes.  It's been vacant since 1983.  The historic organization offered to put in up to $200,000 to repair the building and keep it from deteriorating further, but the university said no, they would take up private donations instead.  Hmm...wonder how I can get my house on that list?  Wonder if having a bomb shelter in the basement would help?  (I'll have to tell my house story in another post!)
  b)  A building (or maybe it's all of the buildings...the story wasn't real specific) that was on an African-American college in the big city:  The building was designed by the students, and built with bricks that the students made on site.  Very cool.
When we went to Copenhagen last summer, it was amazing to see all of these buildings that had been there forever.  I think we, as Americans, should take a clue from them.  They will update the inside of the buildings, leaving the historical integrity of the facade.  Or, they find ways to integrate the old and the modern.  For example:  Here is a building that was used for making torpedoes during WWII; it's now an apartment building:
Okay, maybe that wasn't the best example because that building hadn't been there forever, but you get my point!  My main point is that, in the U.S., our thinking is to tear it down and rebuild it, but in other countries, it is more important to keep the historical aspects of a building and modernize the inside.  Like this apartment building:

Husband & I went out last night for our anniversary dinner.  It's not until Tuesday (Gee, wonder what Tuesday's post will be about?), but with soccer and the band banquet, we decided to go out then.  We're so cheap:  we used a 2 complimentary dinner coupon I got for Christmas from Ms. Principal!  Can't beat it:  2 starters, 2 entrees, and 2 desserts for free, plus the waiter gets a very large tip!  Winners all around!  Oh, and the food was most excellent!

Hope everyone has an Extraordinary Monday!


  1. Happy end of school!! Me, too!

  2. Hmm, bears coming for a visit. Not a problem around here! It is amazing, though, how stupid people get around wildlife. You would think that if they wanted that good of a picture that they would think to buy a good zoom lens rather than risking life and limb. But what do I know?

  3. Once in Cades Cove....traffic was moving very slow...when a bear was sighted...and the idiot in the car in front got out and walked up to where the BABY bear was sitting. Momma bear literally ran him onto the roof of his car. It was a funny kind of scary moment. Have a great last week. This is our next to the last. Our graduation is not until the 28th - kids last day 27th. I don't think it will ever get here. Happy early anniversary!

  4. I am jealous that this is your last week of school. My boys don't get out until JUNE 11TH and this has NOTHING to do with all the snow we got earlier this year. It's just how they set up the school year here. UUUGGH!

    And the bears...I have seen those idiots on the loop road. I have seen one idiot in particular walk his child/toddler into the wooded area (where the bear just went seconds before) to get a closer look. Unreal.

  5. So jealous! We still have several weeks left. *sigh*

    Hope you have a wonderful break. I know I'm very much looking forward to my kids being home.

    People and bears? Reminds me of the film-maker that inadvertently filmed himself being killed by the bear. They're definitely wild animals people.

  6. Happy Anniversary!

    Did you hear about the people up in the mtns. who had the bright idea to staple sardines around the deck railing to attract a bear? The bear tore the deck off the house...I cannot imagine what they were thinking.

  7. I think bears are very cute....but from a distance!!!!
    Your anniversary dinner sounds wonderful!

  8. What an idiot! WHY would you get that close to a bear???? ... wait, I can see my husband trying that too...

  9. What really ticks me off about the guys getting bitten by the bear is that I read they planned to locate the bear and euthanize it. Um, WHY FOR?! The bear did what it is supposed to do! I say euthanize the idiot that got in its face with a camera! Sometimes I really think we should require a test to get into the park...

  10. Happy end of school and happy anniversary!

    People sure do stupid things, don't they?

  11. Oh my word! Why would anyone in their right mind endanger themselves by trying to get so close to BEARS? Hello? *shaking my head*
    My husband is a private transporter for our local school district and his last day will June 2. I can't wait! :-) I'm hoping we can take a real vacation this summer!
    AND I know what you mean about the old historical buildings. Thankfully, our community has a great appreciation for them!
    Hope your last week of school goes by quickly and without incident, Mary! :-)

  12. Don't have a problem with bears in Oklahoma, but this would be another good excuse for me to get a telephoto lense for my camera,(I'm trying to make the case for getting one to my husband every chance I get!) so I can get the picture without getting eaten!


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