I liked this so much last week, I decided to try it again!  What a great way to get things off of your chest:  Things that have irritated you this week, things that you kept bottled up, or maybe even things that you actually said that you think need to be said again! 
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1.  To the lady who parked her car right in front of the restaurant causing a minor traffic jam in the parking lot:  You are so considerate.  Not only of the people you blocked in, but also the people who had to squeeze by you in order to get out of the parking lot. I hope you enjoyed your take-out, and I hope it was low fat, because you sure didn't have to get any exercise to get it.

2.  To the lady with the 2 kids in church:  You are the epitome of teaching your kids how to act during Mass.  Your 7 or 8 year old daughter talked to her friend (whose mother was sitting in the next section over & up one row so she couldn't watch her girl) the entire Mass without you even noticing.  I'll give you this:  during the 2nd half of the consecration, you did tell her to look toward the altar.  Of course, then she went right on talking to her friend.  Then, when your son started pinching his sister, you did a great job of separating the 2:  all your boy had to do was resist just a little, and you let him stay where he was...twice.  You did not distract me at all during Mass.  Nope, not at all.  And, since you were sitting 2 rows from the front, I'm sure you didn't distract the priest, either. 

3.  My left ankle:  Many thanks for reminding me that I am getting older and can't wear the shoes I want to.  Seems like this happened last spring when I switched over to my summer shoes, only it's worse this year.  Reality bites...hard. 

4.  My small town, the county parks & rec, and the county "Leadership Class of 2010":  Thank you for messing up the landscape in a park in my small town by putting up these ridiculous signs:
Are you kidding me?  The signs detract from the scenery, and, besides that, if families are coming to the park with their youngsters, don't you think they are already doing these things with their kids?  Talk about preaching to the choir!  I have only seen one person actually stop and do anything:  that was a middle school kid who appeared to be on his way home from school...alone.  And, he looked really embarrassed that I saw him trying to do anything!

5.  To a coworker:  Thanks so very, very much for leaving a note in my box asking for progress reports on 3 students.  First:  I just received information on 2 of them that morning, and, being kind of busy and doing my job and seeing students and getting ready for 2 meetings and all, I didn't have time to sit at my very, extremely slow computer and put the information in.  Second:  If it was that important, why the heck didn't you pick up the phone or send an e-mail?  I would've gone out of my way to make sure those 3 students' information had been put in the computer.  My box only gets visited 3 times/day:  when I get there, after lunch, and when I leave for the day (sometimes not even then).  And, the progress reports actually go out on Friday, so what's the dadgum hurry?

6.  And finally:  To the man who got bit by the bear while he was trying to take a picture of it:   Wildlife is there to look at, not get within inches of it. Many people I have talked to about this have asked if we can lobby to have you put down instead of the bear.  She was, after all, just being a bear.  Thanks for upsetting the female bear so that she has to take care of herself,  just to have her life in danger of ending because of your stupidity.  On behalf of the bear:  Thanks so very much.

Now it's your turn.  Come on, you know you want to do it!  Go over The Daily Dribbles and join me in getting some things off of your chest.  Believe me, you'll feel a lot better if you do!


  1. I like the "TYVM". I do like snide! Hope you don't have to deal with these folks again next week!

  2. Loved them. I actually related to a few...especially the special ed one. That happened to me this week. What was she thinking? I only check my box once a day. If I remember...I may send my teacher assistant...but that is not an everyday occurrance. Besides...our special ed teachers have access to all the kids grades....I don't. They already know what the kid has...so why do I have to stop what I am doing...and fill out a little sheet for them. Fill it out...send it to me to sign. TYVM!

  3. I love this. I may have to play next week! :)

  4. These are just great!!!
    I often see a lot of humans that need 'putting down'!!!
    Oops...did I just write that?

  5. Love the bear one in particular.

    Here's one from me: To the woman who loves her perfume: Thank you so much for making our workplace smell like a brothel!

  6. What is it with people driving/parking where they shouldn't be?? This morning, some guy was too important to park his truck in the daycare parking lot, so he just pulled up to the front door, shut his truck off, and got out. WTH?

    Thanks for linking up again!!

  7. Reality DOES bite sometimes ;)

    Those signs are hilarious... I've never seen anything like that before!

  8. Oh that parking thing is a big pet peeve of mine!

  9. STILL don't trust myself to do this one... My comments would not be nearly as nice... I do however want to second your TYVM to the idiot that was bitten by the bear. The fact that bear will be euthanized b/c it acted in a natural way is BS! If the man walked up and bit the bear, we wouldn't euthanize him-- though we probably should. RIDICULOUS!

  10. I laughed so hard I almost choked when I read the one about the signs. MOST of the kids that it's geared toward can't read anyway!!

  11. Seriously? The bear thing? Hahahaha- stupid, stupid man.

    You must be crazy busy right now with the end of the school year coming up. What grade do you teach?

  12. Very cute post, Mary! I enjoyed it! Thank you ... very much!

  13. You are hilarious! Who do you get your sarcasm from?


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